How Fire Shield works

According to recent laboratory tests Fire Shields provide a fire resistant aluminum barrier which blocks 92% of the convective heat and reflects 96% of the radiant heat away from the structure reducing preheating and combustion. The shields provide a fire resistant, slick surface that allows burning embers to land and slide off your roof or extinguish safely. They also eliminate sharp angles on your home that can catch and trap embers allowing them to burn and eventually ignite your home.  

In addition, they protect eaves, a critical fire trap, large glass windows and doors from letting radiant heat in which can ignite furniture, curtains, carpets and household goods. Studies have shown 80% of structure ignitions are caused by embers that can be carried by the winds up to 3 km. Each bushfire season continues to be worse than the previous one. To protect your home, you need to plan and be ready in advance. Always follow the instructions of the emergency services.

Fire Shields cover walls, roofs, attic vents, windows, decks, and eaves protecting them from radiant heat, ember attack, and burning debris that blows up against your structure and is trapped. They can be left up for days or weeks and are reusable for future fire threats. No matter how long the fire takes to reach you, your shields will be ready.

Fire Shield material is stable and inert so it won’t stretch, shrink, support mold or mildew. It is also resistant to most acids, alkalis & solvents with the exception of hydrofluoric acid. 

Fire Shields are also used to protect outbuildings, garages, woodpiles, sheds, equipment, fences, power poles, boats, electronics, solar panels, anything damaged by high heat exposure.